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B.F.A Fine Art Photography, Chungang University, Seoul, Korea

Photography, Kaywon University of the Arts & Design, Korea



2021 Heuristic, Space 776, New York, USA Transform, LYNN Fine Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2020 Here to Eternity, Erarta Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2018 “Sungyong Hong” Solo Exhibition, Galleryjeon, Daegu, Korea

“Beyond” Solo Exhibition, Insa-art-center, Seoul, Korea
2016 “The Creation”, K-water. Lynn Fine Art NY Gallery, Korea
2015 Gallery Artist Hong,Sung-yong Solo Exhibition, Lynn Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Introducing a new Korean artist, Beauxarts Gallery, london, England 2014 “The Creation” Solo Exhibition, E-LAND SPACE

“Heuristic” Solo Exhibition, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2013 “Noise” Solo Exhibition, Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea

It begins with a thought of desire to express the world made of things that are seen and unseen even though they truly do exist.
There are things in the world that can be seen with our eyes and things that can only be seen by using tools. Through ‘Heuristic’, I wish to tell about things that clearly exist but cannot be seen with our eyes or by using tools. We believe that it all began from the eternal land where it cannot be seen.

Where is the starting point? Where is the beginning and where is the path we have been through?
It is perhaps waiting to be remembered in somewhere deep in our fainted memories. Waiting for us to look back and come back.

We believe that we might see the place ahead depending on our intuitive senses, yet maybe we are just a piece of tiny memories in the process of perfecting us.

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